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5 Best Hosting for Churches & Ministries

It’s not uncommon for churches to have a website that they can use to stay in touch with their congregation, to post information about upcoming events, special sermons and other useful information and news. Church websites also have blog sections dealing with universal problems that people have, giving out advice on different problems, informing about volunteer works, fundraisers, etc.

People search for churches online when they move cities and need to join another church, to find information on church events, to seek solace when they are struggling with problems, and to generally stay updated with what their congregation is doing.

Finding a good hosting for a church website is very much the same as looking for a hosting for a regular website, however, there are a few extra features that a church website hosting may need, such as spam filtering to protect against e-mail spamming. Some malicious users may write profanities and send links to adult websites, so a good hosting company will have a spam/profanity filter to protect the website from the actions of such malicious users.

Here is a list of best web hosting companies we recommend for church and ministry websites:

Company From
# 1
bluehost best hosting ministry webpage
$3.95 / mo
# 2
inmotion best hosting church website
$3.99 / mo
# 3
greengeeks cheap hosting church website
$2.95 / mo
# 4
ipage budget hosting for church websites
$1.99 / mo
# 5
a2hosting good host ministry church websites
$3.92 / mo

Building a Church Website with WordPress

Using WordPress as the platform to build a church website makes searching for a good hosting company an easier endeavor, especially that top-tier hosting companies have special hosting plans for WordPress sites. A WordPress website is also the most cost-efficient and fast way to build a website for your church. Whether you need a simple one-page website for providing general information about your church, or you need something more complex like a website with several pages, an event calendar and a blog, WordPress is scalable and customizable enough to achieve the desired functionality via the use of plugins.

While building a church website with WordPress is easy enough that anyone can take a go at it, and choosing a design is also hassle-free. There are a variety of free and premium church themed WordPress templates, however, we recommend going for a premium responsive theme so that the members of your church can easily browse your website on their phones or tablets as well. You can find some of the best premium church themed templates such as Church and Events, WP-Church, Risen or Blessing on

How to Choose a Hosting for Church Websites?

As mentioned in the previous point, church websites can unfortunately be a target of spamming and a reliable and secure web hosting is important to protect the website against the actions of spammers and malicious users. Resource wise a shared hosting is an affordable, yet performant enough option that is suitable for a church website running on WordPress. Of course, depending on the traffic the website or the blog gets, you may need to opt for a higher tier shared hosting plan or even a VPS plan.

It’s crucial to choose a reputable hosting company especially if you’re opting for a shared hosting plan, where IPs and server resources are shared with many other types of businesses, which may reflect badly on your church’s website especially if these other websites engage in spamming or even host adult websites. While the former problem may lead to the blacklisting of your IP, the latter can reflect badly on the image of your church.

Some church websites may also accept donations through their websites either to support a cause or to support the volunteering works of members of the congregation. While some churches use third-party services like PayPal, in other cases the entire payment transaction takes place on the church’s website. In this latter case, the website needs an SSL and a PCI compliant hosting, therefore a shared hosting will not be enough, and you’ll need to opt for a dedicated or VPS hosting plan.

In our next point, we’ll give you an overview of the best hosting providers for churches, selected based on their hosting plans, affordability and extra features that may benefit a church website.

Best Hosting for Churches & Ministries

For our list of hosting providers suitable for churches, we’ve chosen 5 companies that we believe can provide your church a reliable and secure hosting environment.

1. BlueHost


The first company on our list is BlueHost, a name closely associated with WordPress hosting. Indeed, when it comes to WordPress hosting many users choose BlueHost thanks to their flexible shared hosting plans and plans purposefully optimized for WordPress. BlueHost hosting plans are also reliable and affordable.

Their three shared hosting plans have budget-friendly prices currently costing $2.95/mo (Basic), $4.45/mo (Plus), and $10.95/mo (Prime) respectively. The Basic plan comes with the following core features: hosting for 1 website, 1 free domain, 50 GB website space, unmetered bandwidth, 5 e-mail accounts with 100MB per account. The Plus and Prime plans are unlimited plans in the sense that they allow you to host unlimited websites on one account, come with unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, e-mail storage, parked domains and subdomains, and 1 free domain. Both plans have SpamExperts included, and the Prime plan also includes Domain Privacy and SiteBackup Pro.

For a WordPress optimized plan, you can check out BlueHost’s WordPress hosting plans that were built on VPS technology, making your WordPress church site blazing fast and secure. BlueHost’s WordPress hosting plans start at $19.99/mo.

2. InMotion Hosting


InMotion is another hosting company whose plans would be suitable for hosting your church website. InMotion is a reputable company that caters to all types of hosting needs from individual users to eCommerce websites. Website owners choose InMotion for the premium features that are included in their plans and the impressive 90-day money-back guarantee they offer.

InMotion also have three shared hosting plans, which currently cost $4.19/mo (Launch), $5.39/mo (Power), and $8.99/mo (Pro). Except for the Pro plan, which allows you to host unlimited websites, the Launch and Power plans allow you to host 2 and 6 websites respectively. So if you want to host the website of your church and a separate site for events or fundraises organized by the church, you can easily do so with the Launch plan. All plans come with unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfers, free website transfers, free data backups, free domain, BoldGrid website builder, 310 applications and 1-click install, and real-time spam filtering, which is a welcomed feature by churches.

InMotion’s WordPress compatible hosting plans as well as their dedicated and VPS plans will offer your church website the reliable hosting environment it needs.

3. GreenGeeks


As the name would suggest, GreenGeeks is indeed a green hosting provider relying on renewable wind energy. They not only do good from an environmental perspective, but they are also a trusted and well-established hosting company that has been in operation since 2008. During this time, they have won several hosting awards and today they rank high among the best hosting companies in the US.

At GreenGeek you’ll find one shared hosting plan and a WordPress hosting plan both now on sale for $3.96/mo. Although there aren’t many shared or WordPress hosting plans, these two plans come with all-inclusive features and comprise all that you need for a secure and reliable hosting environment. Features included in their plans: unlimited domains, unlimited data transfer and web space, free domain name registration or transfer, free website migration, free website building tools, secure e-mail accounts, 99.9% service uptime, 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-click installs, SSH Access, free nightly backups, enhanced cPanel, SpamAssassin protection.

The WordPress hosting takes things up a notch from a security standpoint offering real-time security scanning and brute force and DDoS protection to make sure your WordPress church site is safe from hacking attacks.

4. iPage


iPage is a true veteran of the hosting industry being in the business since 1998. Recently, iPage have revamped their website and their hosting plans have also been extended with a few features here and there.

iPage has a single shared hosting plan that is now on offer costing only $1.99/mo instead of $11.95/month, which is still a reasonable price considering the many perks this plan includes. This shared hosting plan is called the Essential plan and its most notable features are as follows: 30-days money-back guarantee, free website security software, free website builder tools (Weebly), free domain registration, unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited MySQL Databases, 24/7 customer support. This plan also includes $500 worth of free perks such as Google AdWords and Bing advertising credit, free security tools, JustCloud storage (1GB).

Their two WordPress hosting plans (WP Essential and WP Starter) come with the core hosting features enhanced with a customized control panel, more security and better performance, pre-installed themes and plugins, and WordPress expert support.

5. A2Hosting


A2Hosting is a great option, if you want your website to run fast. Not, that the other hosting companies I’ve mentioned on this page, can’t provide you with good speed, but A2Hosting claims providing with up to 20X faster hosting.

This web host has been in business since 2001. They are trustworthy and reliable. They offer great service and good support too. A2 Hosting is proud of owning 3 datacenters around the world: Michigan (US), Amsterdam (EU) and Singapore (Asia).

While probably most of your website’s visitors will come from the US, when you sign up with A2Hosting, you should opt for the US datacenter. This way you can ensure, that the website will load really fast for its users.

A2Hosting offers both Linux and Windows hosting services. If you will be using WordPress for your ministry or church website, Linux hosting is perfect for your needs. The Lite plan, which starts at $3.92 / month is the best choice if you will host only one website on this account.

Though, if you want to add additional websites on the same account, you should go for the Swift plan, which allows hosting unlimited sites. This is the best value for money plan. The Swift plan starts at $4.90 / month.

All shared plan include free SSL and use SSD for faster speed.


We no longer recommend ASmallOrange for hosting your ministry or church website!

ASmallOrange markets itself as a performant and flexible hosting provider. It mainly focuses on the needs of small businesses, but provides services for larger businesses as well. ASO is an environmentally conscious hosting provider that makes sure that for every kW/h of electricity they use to host a website, 2 kW/h electricity is produced by wind power.

ASO’s shared hosting plans include some premium features like free domain included, SSD Servers (Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors), hosting for unlimited domains, Weebly website builder, WordPress optimized servers, e-mail spam and virus filtering, IP-blocking, password protected directories, hotlink protection, and cPanel included.

There are 4 shared hosting plans you can pick from, depending on the current and foreseeable size of your website, thus, there is the Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large hosting plans costing $2.92/mo, $5/mo, $10/mo, and $20/mo. Storage and bandwidth are not unlimited and each plan is configured with specific storage and bandwidth. All plans come with 24/7 email and live chat support.

ASO’s other hosting plans address the needs of businesses that need PCI compliant servers. If your church website is going to process credit card transactions for accepting donations or for fundraising purposes, then a PCI compliant server is something you need to look into instead of the shared hosting plans.


As you can see, there are some very good hosting options for churches that can respond to the special hosting needs such a website may have. The shared hosting plans discussed above are some of the most cost-efficient and feature packed hosting plans on the market offering not only core features, but also several other benefits in the form of freebies or premium features. Should a shared hosting environment prove unsatisfactory for the needs of your church, we recommend you to take a look at the VPS or dedicated plans offered by these hosting providers.

March 13, 2019 / Best Hosting
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