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5 Best Cheap Hosting for Unlimited Websites

January 22, 2019 / Top List

If you haven’t yet decided on the number of domains your business or your online marketing strategy will need, a web hosting for unlimited websites is the safest option to go with. Unlimited domain hosting allows you to host any number of domains on the same hosting account, without having to pay extra for each and every domain you add during your subscription period. Some hosting providers have hosting for multiple domains, which are usually capped at a certain number of domains you can add to your account. This latter type of hosting can be a good solution if you already know the exact number of websites you will own. For all other cases, a hosting for unlimited websites is a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Contrary to what you may think, unlimited domain hosting does not cost a fortune, and although more costly plans like VPS or dedicated hosting are better equipped to support an unlimited domain plan, good unlimited shared hosting plans can also take on the challenge of hosting unlimited websites. However, if you’re checking out a random hosting provider, it’s a good idea to find out the number of domains the hosting company will host on one sever and what exactly do unlimited hosting plans mean in the definition of the hosting provider.

Advantages of hosting for unlimited websites

  • One account to rule them all – a hosting plan for unlimited websites allows you to have all your domains under the same roof and manage them through a single control panel;
  • Save time and money – choosing an unlimited domain from the start will help you save money and time by not having to upgrade or switch hosts just because you want to add a few more domains than what’s permitted with your existing hosting plan;
  • Unlimited emails – unlimited domains hosting usually comes with unlimited email accounts so you can match each domain with a personalised email or distribute emails to your staff.

How to choose the best cheap hosting for unlimited websites?

If you’re going for cheap hosting, shared hosting plans are you best bet. Shared hosting implies that more accounts will be using the same server, which comes with the disadvantage of your domains sometimes experiencing downtimes and server load times. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid shared hosting plans, but you should vet the hosting company you are planning to choose. Here are some pointers that you can rely on:

  • High-availability: Does your hosting company have server uptime guarantees? How do these guarantees measure up to the 99.9% standard?
  • Money-back guarantee: 30-days money-back guarantee is the industry minimum, but 45-days and 90-days money-back guarantee are also common.
  • User-friendly control panel: As you’ll be dealing with more domains under a single roof a user-friendly control panel is essential to facilitate unlimited domain management.
  • Resources to support unlimited domains: Unlimited domain shared hosting plans usually come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, even so, it’s a good idea to consult the terms and conditions of the hosting company to see what is their definition of unlimited.

Depending on your exact requirements, you may also take into account the extra features offered by hosting providers for free (free backups, free domain, free website builder tools, etc.) and the possibility to easily upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting plans. The cost of a shared hosting plan is also essential, however, the monthly price for a good shared hosting plan is usually below $10/month.

Best Cheap Hosting for Unlimited Websites

Now, let’s get into the details of which are the hosting companies that offer the best cheap unlimited domains hosting. Some of the hosting providers in our list offer only a single shared hosting plan, and no other types of plans.


Just like eHost, iPage has a single shared hosting plan, however, at iPage you can upgrade your account to more powerful types of hosting. Of course, iPage’s shared hosting plan, the Essential, comes with hosting for unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, Weebly website builder (up to 6 pages), mobile optimized site builder, 1-click installer, eCommerce package, free advertising credit, spam filters, virus checking, free security tools (SiteLock), unlimited email addresses, 30-day money-back guarantee, free domain, around the clock customer support (phone and live chat), CMS tools, free online marketing credit, toll-free number for US, vDeck control panel, and website backup software.

The monthly price for the Essential plan is now 83% off, costing only $1.99. The regular price is $11.95/mo. This plan is suitable for those who looking for an unlimited domains shared hosting plan, but also want to retain the option of being able to upgrade later to a more powerful hosting type, without having to switch hosts.

iPage has been operating since 1998, and it’s a full-service hosting company providing all types of hosting plans.


Of the four shared hosting plans available at ASmallOrange, only 3 provide hosting for unlimited websites – the Small, the Medium and the Large plans. Currently, these plans are on sale, costing only $2/mo, $4/mo, and $8/mo. Although none of these plans offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, server resources are created so that they meet the hosting requirements of small, medium, and large websites.

The Small plan includes 5GB storage, 50GB bandwidth, free domain included and 24/7 support. The Medium plan comes with 15GB storage, 150GB bandwidth, free domain and around the clock support. The Large plan offers 30GB storage, 500GB bandwidth, free domain, 24/7 support.

All plans come with cPanel included, 99.9% uptime guarantee, Weebly website builder, unlimited email accounts, spam and virus filtering, password-protected directories, IP blocking, hotlink protection, SSD driven storage, WordPress optimized servers.

ASO’s plans are suitable for those looking for more speed and reliability, but who don’t need unlimited storage and bandwidth for their websites. A great thing about ASO is that you can upgrade to higher tier plans if you need to switch to VPS or dedicated hosting.


eHost’s single shared hosting plan is actually a hosting plan for unlimited websites that also comes with unlimited email address, unmetered storage, unmetered bandwidth, free domain name, unlimited MySQL databases, eCommerce package, cPanel, 45-days money-back guarantee, $100 free worth of credits for online advertising on Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo, free website builder tools, blog tools, webmaster tools, 1000’s of templates, CMS tools, phone, email and chat support available 24/7, virus checking and spam filtering, PayPal integration, high-performance load balanced servers, etc.

While eHost is a reliable and affordable hosting for unlimited websites, unfortunately they don’t have other plans available, so upgrading to VPS or dedicated hosting plans is not possible. Despite this drawback, eHost’s presence in this list is well-deserved given its unlimited hosting plan that’s abundant in features. Its plan is suitable for those wanting to host multiple small and mid-sized websites under the same roof, and don’t need the resources offered by VPS or dedicated hosting anytime soon.

The unlimited domain shared hosting offered by eHost is now on sale, costing only $2.75/month instead of the regular price of $5.50/month.


Similarly to eHost, HostClear likes to keep things simple, thus, offering a single shared hosting plan with the possibility to host unlimited domains. At HostClear the shared hosting plan for unlimited websites costs $2.99/mo, which is now discounted from the regular price of $5.98/mo. If you visit both eHost’s and HostClear’s websites, you may notice similarities in their design. This is because both brands are owned by Endurance International Group, a hosting company giant that has been operating since 1997.

In fact, HostClear’s shared hosting plans comes with pretty much the same features as eHost: unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unmetered bandwidth and storage, unlimited MySQL databases, free domain name, cPanel, blogging tools, CMS tools, eCommerce tools, free advertising credit, online website builder, 1000’s of templates, 45-days money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, virus checking and spam filtering, cPanel, load balanced severs, etc. Unlike eHost, at HostClear they also offer free domain transfers, which may explain the slight difference in price between the two plans.

Apart from the fact that you cannot switch to other types of hosting plans, HostClear is a good solution for those wanting to host multiple domains on a single hosting account.


IdeaHost concludes our list of the best cheap hosting for unlimited websites, and as another single-plan shared hosting provider, IdeaHost is also under the umbrella of the EIG. The plan offered by IdeaHost is suitable for hosting unlimited websites, and also comes with unmetered storage space and bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, spam filter and virus checking included, free domain name, unlimited MySQL databases, cPanel included, eCommerce tools, 45-days money-back guarantee, 24/7 email, chat and phone support, template-based site builder, blog setup wizard, online marketing credit and guides, etc.

These features are available for $2.99/month, instead of the $5.98/month regular price, costing as much as the HostClear plan. As mentioned before, these types of plans are suitable mostly for those who want unlimited resources, need to host unlimited websites, but don’t plan on upgrading to VPS or dedicated plans in the near future.

Essentially, all three EIG brands (IdeaHost, ClearHost and eHost) offer the same plans with more or less the same features and slight cost differences.


As far as cheap shared hosting goes, the providers discussed in this article are by far the most affordable hosting for unlimited domains. Despite their affordable pricing, they include a lot of useful features that makes domain management easy, especially if you need to juggle more websites in a single account. They also offer a plethora of site builder and blogging tools, free marketing credit, as well as money-back guarantees and around the clock support on more than one support channel.

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