7 Best Cheap SSD Web Hosting

It does not mean that quality web hosting should be expensive for it to serve you better. In fact, there are many options including free website hosting but there are a growing number of affordable web hosting providers that are capable of delivering effective and reliable performance for your money without getting deeper into your pockets. With numerous web hosting providers on the market, it can be a daunting task when trying to access the best hosting services for your requirements.

A good web page load time, knowledgeable customer support and reliable uptime are the key factors that you should look out when choosing your ideal web hosting service provider. These factors should direct you to a cheaper web hosting that is both fast and reliable. But how do you even get there?

To help you answer this question, we have compiled a list of the seven best cheap solid state drives (SSD) in the following review so you may have an easy time choosing the right web hosting provider for your needs. In the review, we shall take you on a fact-finding mission on each type of web hosting service providers, discuss why it is regarded as one of the best and finally give details on its features and specifications. Let’s find out more about our top-pick seven SSD web hosting service providers in the market today.

Best Cheap SSD Web Hosting Companies

Company From
# 1
inmotion best ssd hosting provider
$3.99 / mo
# 2
a2hosting fast ssd hosting
$3.92 / mo
# 3
siteground professional ssd hositng
$3.95 / mo
# 4
greengeeks cheap ssd hosting company
$2.95 / mo
# 5
fastcomet superfast ssd hosting service provider
$2.95 / mo
# 6
interserver reliable ssd hosting
$5.00 / mo
# 7
webhostinghub cheap blog ssd hosting service
$4.99 / mo

In the following part of our guide you will find a detailed review of each web hosting company mentioned in the above table:

1. InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting

InMotion is one of the best and popular web hosting providers that you can rely on. Even though the host doesn’t offer the cheapest services entirely, you can rest assured that you will get the best hosting services for your money.

The host’s basic Shared Website Hosting plan is equipped with the right essentials to optimize operations for your site. Also, the plan comes with the marketing tools that will entice your visitors on the website while improving conversion rates. In addition to that, InMotion is an inexpensive option that includes some security features to keep your data safe as well as preventing malicious attacks. With a 99.9 percent uptime, fast speeds and extended bandwidth, you can trust that you will always satisfy all your website visitors throughout.

The fact that InMotion has partnered with some of the leading internet providers in the market, this should tell you that you will benefit from a fast and reliable data connection. Additionally, the platform supports PHP and MySQL software as well as eCommerce applications.

The inclusion of the Bold Grid (a free website-builder) makes it easier for you to build your own website without much of a struggle. This web hosting platform comes with its easy-to-use drag and drop features with pre-made templates to allow you to convert your ideas into something real without the need for coding know-how. Above all, a single-click installs for apps and scripts are all you need to effortlessly set your business in motion.

2. A2Hosting



If you are looking for a cheap web hosting service provider that offers a wide range of services including cloud hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting, then your ultimate choice should be A2Hosting. At some point, this web hosting platform allows you to make a choice of your own management level. The same web hosting service provider leverages the capability of the best solutions like Drupal, OpenCart, Magento, WordPress and Joomla for fast speeds and security.

On the other hand, A2Hosting lets you meet the demands of launching an effective online business in an efficient way. The web hosting provider features the state of the art Turbo Server options for the top tier packages and providing users with 20 times speeds for better browsing experience. This means you won’t have to worry about losing your website visitors, potential clients and subscribers due to low speed. This feature is readily available in A2Hosting upper tier packages.

In Spite of its chosen plans, this platform guarantees a 99 percent uptime and anytime money-back guarantee. You will also have access to a free hosting migration, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, Linux and Windows hosting, free SSDs and so on.

3. SiteGround



When it comes to a web hosting provider known for offering web hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting, SiteGround takes the lead. The provider has data centers scattered across strategic points across the world in places such as Europe, Asia and the US. These data centers are set up with the aim of providing location-specific services.

SiteGround prides itself in providing maximum security and quality failsafes to control power outages while ensuring that you get optimal services throughout. With its advanced Linux cutting edge technology put in place to remain stable despite the flow of traffic on your webpages, SiteGround assures you of a 99.9 percent uptime.

For the server security and protection of your data, SiteGround is second to none thanks to its strong team that is fully devoted to writing about 800 firewall security rules. Also, the team provides an anti-hacking monitoring tool, artificial intelligence (AI) that is capable of handling brute-force attacks, Leech protection to administrators’ logins, proactive server monitoring and many other security measures.

The platform comes in handy with free tools and services, providing SSDs on every hosting plan, 24/7 customer support via phone calls, ticketing and live chat, and free SSL certificate. It’s enhanced cPanel is fully integrated with the user areas for better intuitive user experience. And don’t forget that popular applications like Joomla and WordPress benefit even more from auto updates.

4. GreenGeeks



When you think of an eco-friendly and affordable SSD web hosting service provider, GreenGeeks should be the first thing to come into your mind. This web hosting platform serves customers in more than 150 countries worldwide with its two data centers strategically located in Canada and the US, and one right at the heart of the Netherlands. The company provides a wide range of hosting solutions such as hosting reselling, VPS, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting.

When you turn to GreenGeeks to be your web hosting service provider, you can be sure of benefiting from its 99.9 percent uptime throughout. Even though there is no document that indicates an assured compensation in case of some common failures, GreenGeeks ensures that there is an on-boarding as well as fast launching of your website to have you get started so easily.

The platform provides you with its free website migration, drag-to-drop website builder and free domain name. In addition, the website visitors stand a better chance of having a pleasant time while browsing pages thanks to the inclusion of SSD RAID-10. For easy administration, the platform guarantees you an easy to operate VPS management portal.

The platform, however, provides protection to your data as a way of ensuring optimal website operations through automatic app updates proactive server monitoring, spam protection, hardware and power redundancy and daily data backups among others. Most importantly, its web hosting plan has unlimited SSDs web space, drag-and-drop website builder, unlimited domains, unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts and much more.

5. FastComet



The first question that you should ask yourself is; what exactly makes FastComet be one of the best SSD web hosting service providers? A simple answer could be that this platform offers you services that exceed your expectations and comes with features that will amaze you.

begin with, the platform provides you with a free domain forever. This means you can register or rather transfer your existing domain for absolutely free. Alternatively, the web hosting provider will likely to renew your domain name for free of charge.

FastComet boasts of an SSD-only cloud that guarantees you up to 300 percent faster access to all your files and databases as compared to a nod-SSD hosting provider. With its free Cloudflare CDN, you can easily distribute your content across the world in a bid to bring it closer to your audience. This feature is included to speed up your site.

The cPanel powered hosting is regarded as the most popular and very powerful website hosting control panel. This control panel is included for easy point and clicks management of the hosting account. Apart from that, there is a free daily or weekly backup of your personal data for safety reasons.

FastComet gives you a reason to smile all the time thanks to its free 24/7 support. The web hosting service provider believes that there’s no better way of hosting without proper technical support to your website. This way, you will always have peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled by professionals to ensure that your site is working well. Other great ways you are likely to enjoy using FastComet is the 45 days money-back guarantee to give you confidence in the services offered by this SSD web hosting platform.

6. InterServer



InterServer is a New Jersey-based web hosting service provider that has been in existence since 1999. The company was initially launched as a virtual web hosting account reseller and ever since it has grown to serve quite a big number of customers worldwide. Needless to say, this is a budget-friendly web hosting provider that specializes in shared dedicated and co-location as well as VPS hosting solutions.

The InterServer has a wide range of web hosting options to choose from. All of its plans have an array of features that make it easy for you to create and maintain your websites while improving your online presence. It doesn’t matter whether you are a single small business owner or a group of companies because InterServer will always cover you.

The company engages in various activities that are all tailored to their web hosting services and business in general. With their top-quality hardware, you can be sure of optimal performance and great uptime for your website regardless of the hosting plan you are using. As a matter of fact, InterServer prides itself with the provision of 99.9percent uptime and 100 percent power uptime to ensure that your website is working optimally.

For the company to meet all the needs of its existing customers, it imposes a restriction on the number of those subscribing on a daily basis. Each day, the company accommodates 100 new subscribers to guarantee better and effective web hosting services.

For the hosting plans and prices, InterServer guarantees you a constant price provided that you don’t make adjustments to your hosting plans. This simply means that the amount of money you agree to pay at the time of your first signing up is the same amount you will continue paying throughout the lifetime of your contract.

When it comes to the types of hosting plans, InterServer provides the best plans you can think of. The plans include shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, colocation hosting, reseller hosting, custom hosting and quick servers hosting plans.

7. WebHostingHub



Why would you want to use WebHostingHub in the first place? Well, this web hosting service provider suits your needs in a number of different ways such as the creation of an attractive and mobile responsive web pages without coding skills and the inclusion of built-in SEO tools. Also, you will have easy migration without experiencing downtimes and experience superfast loading speeds

Apparently, WebHostingHub comes with feature-packed hosting plans while maintaining its 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. On top of that, using WebHostingHub plans will introduce you to a premium website builder, softaculous for one-click installs (of more than 400 free applications), free private SSL optimized SEO for the eCommerce websites, free SSDs, and free advertising credits among others.

WebHostingHub comes in handy with its premium website known as BoldGrid. The website provides you with a very easy drag and drop for the creation of professional-looking sites fit for all your needs. These newly built sites have sample content for your perusal. All the content you may need is right there in BoldGrid with you being a 100 percent owner of the source codes.

Why Choose SSD Hosting for Your Website?

Using SSD hosting comes with its share of benefits. Perhaps, that is the main reason why scores of people are using SSD web hosting platforms. The first advantage of choosing this type of web hosting is performance. Here, performance goes hand in hand with faster data access. With SSD, data is written and read simultaneously as opposed to the use of spinning hard disk drives. The SSD helps to cut down the time spent on reading data, resulting in better performance in the process.

The second reason for choosing SSD hosting is its reliability. SSSD is known to prevent any write access while the stored data within can still be read. This can mean one thing; data will not get lost so easily unlike when you are using mechanical HDDs. At the same time, the lack of moving parts shows that there is no chance of causing vibration damage or having a wide range of operational temperatures. These two scenarios tell you that you are less likely to lose your data. As such, SSD hosting is regarded as being reliable and safe.

Lastly, using SSD web hosting platforms can help save the environment. In essence, this is an eco-friendly web hosting platform that has a lot of environmental considerations. This is the case because SSDs use less energy in comparison to using spinning drives. On a larger scale, using SSDs means that there are real environmental considerations put in place.


In a nutshell, using SSD web hosting platforms means that you will have a better core performance, faster caching, faster database queries, generate more sales and revenues and in the process, preserve the environment. SDD hosting is certainly the way to go.

April 8, 2019 / Best Hosting
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